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Virtual Passports (Part of the 1 Group of Sites)

Staff Discounts - A scheme for all bar staff and workers related to the local towns nightlife, bars and entertainment will have staff discount cards on their mobile phone:

Mobile Phone ID age Verification System - no need to carry passprts and driving licenses any more as you will be able to prove you age on your phone with a simply QR code scanned at the door or by bar staff.

Online ID - Register easy on member adults site with your on Virtual ID passport linked to your 24hrs Account

Buy me a drink: Have a relative in Australia, or the other side of the country, they will soon be able to buy you a drink or a meal at your local bar/restaurant through the website

Car Share: If you are struggling getting to and from town at weekends then sign up to our car share page as a member and we will notifiy you when as soon as we have enough participants to go live.

Local Supermarket - Plans are underway to bring you a local virtual Supermarket where you can shop as you would online at a major supermarket, however all the goods you purchase will come from your local traders in town and delivered to your door in one go.

We have lots of plans for other features as more and more users and businesses come online, then we can really make this work for everyone

TOP SECRET: We have an ace up our sleeve with a brand new feature that will launch on 1  that has not been done on the Internet yet - "watch this space"

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